Our Contribution

Aligned Capital has deep strategic and
operational experience. We use this experience,
combined with extensive networks to support
our portfolio companies and to drive growth. Our
contribution to our portfolio companies is built
upon the following 5 pillars:

Growth Capital

We provide capital to optimise the returns for all stakeholders


Our business networks will assist portfolio companies to widen their sales pipelines, to identify Talent and potential BEE partners.

Governance and Controls

We work with our portfolio companies to implement levels of governance suited to the size and maturity of the business.

Strategic Support

We support the strategic planning process and the identification of the key strategic objectives that will ‘move the needle’.

We then help companies focus on execution of their strategies and plans in order to achieve these objectives. Where expansion strategies include acquisitions or geographic diversification, we can assist with identification of target companies, execution of acquisition plans and integration of companies acquired.

For companies with a South African footprint, we can facilitate the introduction of empowerment partners and help with optimizing the empowerment scorecard.

Performance Improvement

We have extensive experience in driving revenue growth through the use of integrated marketing and sale plans and through the use of global best-practice sales methodologies, processes and technologies.

We work with companies to optimize cost structures taking into account scalability aspirations and identifying opportunities for process improvement and purchasing efficiencies.

We believe that talent management is an essential core competency for all organisations. We help portfolio companies to implement suitable performance management systems as well as recruitment and retention strategies.